You're in good company...

Nicole was an integral part of our pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. Her knowledge is unmatched and the resources and networks she provided for excellent prenatal massage, chiropractic care, and essentially anything we needed during pregnancy and afterward were essential. Though this was our first child, and we knew very little going into pregnancy, my husband and I were well-equipped to experience a wonderful and memorable labor at home and a natural hospital birth because of all the mental, emotional and physical preparation Nicole provided us with. Nicole continued to be very present and comforting during our most vulnerable weeks of new parenthood. Be sure to meet with Nicole early on in pregnancy and take advantage of all of her wonderful resources and google doc organization! I know my birth experience would not have been as positive if I had not adhered to her advice and wisdom from the start. She is a wealth of knowledge and an important member of the Bay Area birthing community. We are so thankful to her for giving us the most valuable gift we could ask for - our beautiful, healthy baby girl and a wonderful and memorable journey to bring her here. Thank you, Nicole, we will always be grateful for your love, support & wisdom!!!!

Jane Weiss, 12/19/2018

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