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You're in good company...

Mark Sullivan


“She answered questions we had about how to care for our daughter.  Anything ranging from diaper changing technique to how to use a baby carrier to how to use a bath. She made sure my wife got enough self-care. Making sure she had naps when she needed them, preparing sitz baths, giving massages, ...  And when my wife and the baby had their needs covered, she helped me ensure I had time to nap or take a quick bike ride. I'd definitely recommend Nicole to anyone who is considering a postpartum doula!” 

Xin Xin


“She helped us become more confident parents by coaching us through our baby's first bath, wearing her, massage her, and more. She also gave really great massages, made sitz baths, and cooked up delicious teas in addition to making life a lot easier by handling household tasks like laundry, garbage, dishwasher, etc. Our whole family felt taken care of! I would absolutely recommend Nicole for anyone who wants help the first few weeks after birth and better postpartum recovery.”

Alicia Forbrich


“Without Nicole, I would have very likely had a C-section. It was her words of encouragement, her Spinning Babies techniques, and all the information she provided me that allowed me to fight till the end to have a vaginal birth. Because of her, I was able to have a pleasant delivery and NO TEARING (thanks to the oil she brought)! I cannot recommend Nicole enough... She is an extremely intelligent, patient and compassionate person whom you will need by your side before, during and after birth.  We are so very thankful for her :) Thank you, Nicole!!”

Aaron Burdick


“During the labor, Nicole really transformed the mood, dimming the lights, turning on relaxing music, and immediately bringing her calming aura into the room. Then she literally worked her butt off for the next 10 hours straight, massaging mama, using a rebozo, using a TENS unit, switching out messy blankets, etc... with maybe 15 min break. She was also very sensitive to allow papa to be the primary emotional support for mama, while she took care of the more physical needs (and even helped to get water, bananas/food, etc.). We were amazed at her energy, patience, and care!”

Krithika Ramasethu


“During the early labor, she was very helpful and assisted me with the tens machine, rebozo, massages and helped me feel comfortable using a pregnancy ball. Apart from this, she also provided music, scented aromas to help me feel comfortable with the pain as well as for my nausea. She was also very helpful in suggesting labor positions and helped me with pushing. Nicole supported me throughout the process all the way until my little one was born.”

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