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My Story


My journey began in 2005 while completing my studies in Psychology and working as a mentor of children with emotional and behavioral disorders in Puerto Rico. Five years later, I moved to the State of Florida and transitioned into working as an Infant and Toddler Developmental Specialist (ITDS) with parents of children with developmental needs. After attending my friend's birth in 2013, I knew I wanted to extend my support to families during the childbearing years. 


Doula Caring by Nicole Rivera was founded in 2015 to support, educate, empower, and advocate for pregnant people and newborn families worldwide. My goal is to provide evidence-based and holistic care to folks who are committed to prepare for a physiological birth and receive traditional postpartum care. 


As a Doula, I am passionate about childbearing rights, birth-related anatomy, the role of the baby in labor, worldwide postpartum traditions and cuisine, and newborns typical behavior. My mission is to protect the wellbeing of our future generations by caring for their loved ones during the most crucial period of their lifetimes.


Education & Experience


Birth Doula


Postpartum Care

Spinning Babies® Workshop, 2017, 2020

Spinning Babies® Integration Workshop, 2019

When Survivors Give Birth, 2018

DONA Birth Doula Certification, 2017

Perinatal Substance Use Symposium, 2016

Birth Emergency Skills Training, 2014

Introduction to Childbirth, 2014

DONA Birth Doula Workshop, 2014

Postpartum Belly Binding, 2020

Traditional Postpartum Birthworker Certification Training, 2020

Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver Diploma Program, 2020

Innate Traditions Postpartum Care Certification, 2020

Innate Traditions Postpartum Care Certification Training, 2019

Breastfeeding Education


Spinning Babies® Parent Educator


Spinning Babies® Parent Educator Training, 2018

Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator, 2019

Introduction to Midwifery


Advanced Practice Midwifery Workshop, 2017

Human Anatomy, 2017

Inorganic Chemistry for Health Professionals, 2017

The Sacred Hour and Beyond, 2017

Baby Behavior: Birth to Six Month, 2017

Certified Community Breastfeeding Educator, 2014

Early Childhood Development


Working with Babies, 2017

The Mystery of Risk: Drugs, Alcohol, Pregnancy and the Vulnerable Child Symposium, 2016

Certified Childcare Provider, 2012

Certified Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist, 2012

Bachelor of Art in Social Science, 2008

Placenta Encapsulation


Placenta Encapsulation Workshop, 2016

Active Member 

& Volunteer Work




English, Spanish

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